How much does Pro Wrestling Loot Cost?
The cost for Pro Wrestling Loot per month is $24.99. We only have one pricing plan because we want to make sure everyone receives the same items at one low price! (plus shipping)

Sign up for a 3, 6, and 12 month plan to save on each month!

When do I Need to sign up to receive the next box?
You must be signed up by the 4th at 4pm PST of this month to receive this latest package.
When will I be re-billed?
Re-billing will happen on each month on the 15th. If you have issues with this date you can sign in after to re-upload any info needed.
My card was charged on the 15th of the month but I cancelled on the 20th. Will I receive this months box still?
You will receive a box that ships on the 5th – 10th of the next month. Just because you cancel does not mean your account will have a refund. This means you will NOT be re-billed on the 15th of the upcoming month and you will still receive the upcoming box.
How often will I receive a Pro Wrestling Loot box?
Once a month your package ships between the 5th – 10th. Until you choose to cancel.
What can I expect to receive each month in my boxes?
Everything from: Action Figures, Wrestling DVD’s, T-Shirts, Hard to find rare items, Autographs, photos, 8×10’s, collectibles & much more!
Do you send certificate of Authenticity with your autographs, (COA)?
Yes we do! Each autograph we send, when we send an autograph we include a COA. We also send a photo of the wrestler signing the autograph in the contents sheet included with the box.
What are some companies that I receive merchandise from?
You will receive items that are branded from: WWE, TNA, ROH, also many well known independent promotions. You will also receive items from professional wrestling artists as well as wrestlers.
What is shipping costs and do you ship Internationally?
USA Shipping can cost between $6-$8.50. We ship internationally, Shipping is up to $25 depending on your location for international packages.